It is a Vacation. It is a Cruise.
It's more like a Retreat.
We call it a RE-Cruise

Chaplain Services Network
Classic Yacht Cruises

Chaplain Bill and his wife Bobbie have been enjoying the refreshment, restoration, and revival of classic yacht cruising for many years. They have found that spending a week, or even a few days in the US San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands provides the deepest vacation they have ever had. Bill is a trained skipper and their boat, the "Old Soul" is a classic cruiser maintained by Anacortes Yacht Charters. Although they often take friends and family along, it is time to expand this blessing.

They would love to share this experience with you. Bill & Bobbie's invitation is going out to two groups, firefighters and ministers. We know that both of these groups experience a great deal of stress in their work and have high levels of job burnout. You may already be there, or perhaps you just want to keep your work life and home life from heading toward stress difficulties.

We would enjoy visiting with you about a boat cruise. 
Contact Chaplain Bill for more information.

Click a link below or Contact Chaplain Bill for more information. CALL 509.438.4440   eMail William.Lotz@ChapServ.Net