Building Resilience - You & Your Team

This course explores Stress Resilience - the ability of an individual, group, organization, or community to rapidly and effectively rebound from stress arousal causing incidents. They function acceptably during the incident, and they immediately return to adaptive function as the incident draws to a close without developing a full stress response.

With material taken from the text, "Stronger, Develop the Resilience you Need to Succeed" (Everly, Strouse, & McCormack, 2015) this course details the FIVE FACTORS present in the most resilient people - people who have experienced significant adversity but have gone on to succeed in life, career, business, family, and personal relationships. 

Along with introduction to the material, the course facilitates attendees making application of each factor into their own lives and brainstorming on how to incorporate them into a work group.

  1. The Physiology & Biochemistry of Stress
  2. What a Stress Reaction looks like
  3. The Five Factors of Resilient People
  • Active Optimism
  • Decisive Action
  • A Moral Compass
  • Relentless Tenacity
  • Interpersonal Support 

This 2-4 hour workshop is led by Chaplain Bill Lotz, CCISM, D.Min. and is designed in a group workshop style.