It is a Vacation. It is a Cruise. It's more like a Retreat. We call it a RE-Cruise


We would like to offer pastors, chaplains, and other ministers a vacation opportunity that can provide more than just relaxation. YOU determine what your RE-Cruise will include. A vacation/retreat with our Private Cruise Ministry can offer many options:

  • Relaxation on a Classic Trawler in the Beautiful San Juan and Gulf Islands.
  • Restoration of Attitude, Energy, Relationships, Resilience
  • Redoubling Stress Management and Resilience skills
  • Refocusing and Rebuilding marriage priorities

YOU decide what your RE-Cruise will look like.

  • RE-Lax – Just want to kick back and refresh? We know where to take you and how to leave you alone. Like to explore quaint towns and villages? We know where to go. Like to take walks and hikes? We can get you there. Want company? We can accompany you, or we can leave you to yourself – it’s YOUR choice.
  • RE-Store – Chaplain Bill is well equipped to spend some time with you helping reinforce the positive outlook that carries you forward and helps you rebuild a personal foundation that will keep you solid as you redeploy back to everyday life.
  • RE-Double – Increase, improve, intensify your stress management skills helping you become more resilient to the challenges that face pastors and ministers at work and in family life. Bill & Bobbie will share their life experience and training with you.
  • RE-Focus – The pressures and events of life and work can cause our focus and priorities to slip. What if your vacation included some intentional refocusing? We can provide the place, the time, and the direction so that YOU can make this happen on your RE-Cruise.



HOW do we do this? Intentionality!

  • Intentional but informal conversations. We are not therapists and our conversations will not pretend to be or even look like therapy. Bill has spent over thirty years as a chaplain having these kinds of significant interactions with individuals and families.
  • Intentional time together. When you decide ahead of time that your vacation is going to include things like restoration, resilience, and refocusing, you are much more likely to gain the benefit. We will be there to help make the time most beneficial and our experience is that God honors your intention.
  • Intentional effort. If you choose, we will include some “homework”, easy worksheets and guides related to your goals to look through before, during, and after your RE-Cruise.

WHERE does your RE-Cruise take you?

  • We begin at Anacortes, Washington, the gateway to the San Juan Islands. Your Classic Grand Banks Trawler is docked at Anacortes Marina. Anacortes is a great place to find interesting shopping, fun restaurants, and nice walking trails.
  • We will work with you to develop your “Float Plan” which maps out where you will go in the Washington San Juan and British Columbia Gulf and Channel Islands.
  • Most days will include cruising the scenic waterways. Nights will be spent at dock in marinas or anchored out in protected bays. You can spend time site seeing, exploring, fishing & crabbing, or just reading a good book on deck.
  • You will have the “Master Cabin” on our yacht. It includes a queen bed (berth), private bathroom (“head”) and plenty of storage (stowage).
  • We will prepare some meals on the boat in our kitchen (galley) and eat together in the dining area (salon) or on deck. Some days you may want to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant or pub – either by yourself or together with us.


What does a RE-Cruise cost?

Yacht charters are not inexpensive but are well worthwhile. When you compare the cost of taking a cruise on a huge ship with 1500 other people against the cost of taking a private cruise on a classic styled boat going wherever YOU want to go whenever YOU want to go there... we think it is a great investment.

  • Bill & Bobbie will share the cost of your RE-Cruise. We pay our own expenses.
  • Your part for 7 Days and 6 nights will be between $1500 and $2000.  Shorter (less cost) trips are also available.
  • Your fee includes cost of the yacht charter, fuel, moorage and dock fees, all meals served on the boat. We will work with you ahead of time to plan a menu.
  •  Other costs you will need to plan for include your travel to and from Anacortes, and any meals taken in restaurants.
  • You are welcome to bring along any special favorite snacks and drinks to have on hand aboard the boat.

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