A 2-Hour, In-Service type training that explains the physiological/Bio Chemical nature of the stress response as well as how we can build RESISTANCE to it, RESILIENCE in it, and RECOVERY from it.

We spend a great deal of time, money, and energy trying to protect from and prevent cancer in firefighters. Yet, the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (LEOFF) reports that there have been three times as many disability retirements due to stress injury than to cancer. Conditions related to Post Traumatic Stress Injury are the third leading cause of medical retirements in fire & law enforcement in Washington state.

Can you protect yourself and your team from stress related illnesses?

Is there PPE our department should be using for stress?

The PPE for stress is not equipment you use, but instead involves training and practice of skills. Chaplain Services Network has developed a two-hour training designed to help you learn how to prevent, endure, and recover from stress related injury.

Most people in our field of work have a flu shot to build resistance to contracting the flu virus. Research has shown that you can build RESISTANCE to stress injury and become more RESILIENT to stress related problems. Our training will cover:

1.     The Physiological/Biochemical Nature of Stress

2.     Building Resistance to Stress

3.     How to Become Stress Resilient

4.     Recovery from Stress Injury

This workshop is led by Chaplain Bill Lotz, D.Min., CCISM, a regional leader in Critical Incident Stress Management and is open to all regional emergency service agencies.